Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spreading a Hint of Sunshine wherever I go :)

I love this month's Cocoa Daisy kits. As of late, scrapping has not been my favorite thing to do. Not a good thing for someone who works in the industry. But this month, for my assignments, I decided to just play.

And that was fun.

I tell my critique group they are not allowed to use the word "fun" in their journaling because it's not a strong adjective. And I still stand by that, but I needed to play and have fun again. So I can use the word in my blogging today. :)

This is the Day in the Life: April kit (sold out). I got it because of the wooden dots and the washi tape. I don't like washi tape, you won't find a nice big fancy display of it in my scrap room. But I loved the little stripe and it comes in the cutest dispenser, so I ordered the DITL kit. I had fun.

I also got Prism (sold out) and the main kit, Hint of Sunshine (see below, it's almost gone, get yours now!!! I promise you will not regret it).
Here's the mood board I made for our Cocoa Daisy Pinterest boards, that's one of the most fun things I do for my job as Social Media and Marketing person at Cocoa Daisy.

And here are my layouts. I had fun, can you tell?

Kelly and I have been doing a lot of home renovating the last year. We made a list of things we wanted to finish around the house, it turned into a list of all the dreams we had as well. The kids added dolphinarium and helipad, we're not really planning on them getting done...

With all these house projects, Kelly decided it was time to buy a new drill. His old one is pretty old. My parents bought it for him for Christmas, probably 15 years ago? He decided to upgrade and go cordless. I'll join him in saying it was the best thing ever. It's made our current house project–(this photo is from him and our bathroom remodel at the beginning of the year) remodeling the kitchen–an absolute dream. I love it almost as much as he does :)

This little fox is the basis for a blog post on the CD blog today. You should check out how I did it. :)

This is about Ethan. With Annie away at school, Ethan gets a lot of the scrapbooking spotlight... He bought a fountain pen with his birthday/Christmas money. He's a little bit excited. I love how he gets into things like this. He's definitely got some Grua in him.

See? Another Ethan layout, very fun to do. I haven't been taking many pictures lately, my big fancy camera is feeling neglected. My phone camera is not good, but if you run the photo through enough filters and turn it B&W, it looks kind of artsy. This layout is about Ethan's 16th birthday. We went to Olive Garden after I got home from CHA. I know it's a poor excuse for a celebration, but he was happy that he got a strawberry lemonade. We rarely order anything but water. 

Can you tell I had fun with this?

Did the bird on his shoulder give it away?

And finally, a last project, again for the Cocoa Daisy blog post. I learned this cool technique with embossing ink and chalks when I was doing an assignment for Scrapbook and Cards Today's CardMaps3 issue a few years ago (the newest CardMaps4 is available for pre-order right now, it will be shipping in late April!). Is it overkill to say it was a fun card to make? ;)

I'm glad I tossed the stress out the window this month. February and March were hard months for me, I wasn't feeling well, I have "something weird" as my Rheumatologist puts it. It will show up when I haven't been taking good care of myself and when I'm super stressed out. That was me the last six or eight months. So it showed up and really kind of scared me this time. Symptoms changed (My feet and calves started swelling and I had these hot spots on my ankles and legs) and it wasn't going away like it normally does. I went to the doctor, he put me on a steroid, took a lot of blood, and wanted to see me in two weeks. 

And two weeks later, I'm fine. My blood work showed high inflammation, but two weeks later it's completely normal. I'm feeling back to myself, which is good, but I've taken this as a warning from my body that I need to step back a bit and slow down. I love to scrap but I'm really bad at deadlines, so I'm removing some of them from my life. We'll see if that helps. I know having fun helps. 

Remodeling a kitchen with Kelly? Well, actually that's been fun too. I'll tell you more about that later.

Monday, February 3, 2014

with thoughts on Pantone and Cocoa Daisy layouts

I think the Pantone color of the year becomes my favorite color three years down the road. I don't like pink. I am not a pink person, but the last year, I looked in my closet and realized I've fallen madly deeply in love with fuchsia. I think I like you it's spelled and how it sounds too. Honeysuckle Pink was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2011 and I was like, "Eh, it's OK, but it's pink." Come summer last year and I had hot pink Converse, a pink jacket, and I'm using it on layouts all I can. So when I saw the the Cocoa Daisy February kit, Color Swatch, I knew I'd be all over it. Not that it was all pink, because it's so not, but if you like pink like I do, you'll be happy because there's enough to feed my obsession. And enough to balance it out. Lots of black and white, lots of yellow, and a bit of green and gold. So why put it off creating until the last minute? I was in love with the kit, but at a point where I'm struggling getting anything done. It's not depression, I just don't have the drive to create right now. I hope it passes soon.  

But I did get these done and I love them. That's my issue. It takes me forever to complete something, but I love the finished product. I'm not sure what that means.

One of my kids' favorite things about Switzerland? The chocolate mix boxes we could get at Co-op. They spent a little more of their souvenir money on them than they should have, but they swear there is nothing near as good here in the States. I knew the heart bokeh paper would be perfect for this story. And while it's a little pastel for me, the black and white and blue make it work. I used the water color paper in the kit, painted it blue and used it as a final mat for the photos. Very happy with it now.

This is Gabriel, one of my nephews. My siblings are just now having children, so it's fun to have some baby photos to scrap again. My sister Julia sent this photo to me, with the title of Kilroy Was Here. When I was a little girl, I had a ceramic Kilroy that you could place over a row of books and have his nose hang down. I think he was blue. I have no idea where he came from, but we thought he was cool. I also thought he was an icon of the '70s. How wrong I was. Interesting history on the phrase, figure, story of this cultural image found on Wikipedia. You should read about it.

This picture, I couldn't use pink, it just didn't work. So you see, there's plenty of non-pink to create with in Color Swatch as well. And how could you not love some gold doilies on vellum? Holy cow, I love that sheet of paper that came in the Palette add on. I ordered it simply for that. And the shell buttons in the main kit? Oh my. How absolutely awesome are they?

P.S. I'm way ahead of the curve with the 2014 Color of the Year. Although I won't paint a room Radiant Orchid or go out and redo my bed linens, I'm going on record as saying I do like purple. In moderation. I don't scrap with it, it's the ugly stepcolor in scrapbooking for some reason, but I do like it in bits. So bring it on Pantone!

Friday, January 24, 2014

what's making me happy right now

  • Gold glittery nail polish

    I got it in my stocking for Christmas and I love it. I've never been one to paint my nails much, I don't like the attention it draws to my very utilitarian hands. But I love this polish, I'm actually considering buying a few more of the same color so I don't run out for a while. :) I get comments from strangers, that's how happy it is!
  • My husband.

    I made this soup last night. I made it before he came home because had he seen any of the preparations for it, he would have had cereal. But I had a feeling, especially if I added a bit of rosemary, that he wouldn't even suspect that it was cauliflower based. And he didn't. Until Ethan, who had peeked at the simmer pot (even though I told him not to...) said, "Are you going to tell him what's in it?" I told Ethan no, I wasn't and he needed to not as well.

    This morning, as we were saying our goodbyes, I told him thank you for taking such good care of our family. He said, "Thank you for taking such good care of me, and feeding me healthy soups that you'd better never tell me what was actually in it, because I liked and and if I knew, I'd probably never eat it again." How can I not love that kind of recognition of truth? He's perfect for me.
  • My son.

    Even though he was in hot water for spilling that the soup was full of cauliflower, he told me after he'd peeked that he decided he was going to eat the soup anyway to make me happy.

    And he's an Eagle Scout as of Sunday night. I'm very proud of him!
  • My daughter.

    Having her away from our family has been hard, but texting her goodnight has become a sweet thing, especially when she is there and can answer right back. And ask for recipes of Curried Chicken Noodle Soup, because there might be a boy she'd like to make it for, because he's sick and he likes curry.

  • Gold frames.

    I made this earlier this week and it just makes me happy. It's going to be in my bathroom because I need to remember this every day. This year is about building my foundations. This will help.
And there you have a few things that are making me happy right now.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

trying something new this december

Driving home from a lovely week in Utah spent with Annie, friends, and family, I started thinking about the fact that today would be December 1st. My heart sunk a little. For most of my married life, I've not been the best at organizing my Decembers so as to be enjoyed.

There was that one December when the kids were little and I single handedly made 200 ornaments and decorated a Christmas tree for charity. My own tree? I think it did get decorated, but at the last minute and not with handmade snowmen, sleds, and gloves, maybe...

And all the years I've been scrapping, I alway put assignments in front of my family, then the family suffers. Not that they've ever complained. I've been the hardest on myself, but I'm tired of beating myself with a wet noodle, so this year, I'm doing something different.

Every day this month, I'm going to look for miracles. We have a favorite folk singer from our days in Minnesota named Peter Mayer. He's got a song about how he sees miracles in the every day, not just in a Sunday worship setting.

I agree.

And this December I'm going to look for those miracles and write a handwritten note to December (yes, silly, but it has a nice ring to it, "Dear December," don't you think?) and thank it for the miracles I saw that day. Kind of a twist on the whole November thankful for thing. So if you're tired of that, please ignore my posts and social media feeds this month.

I don't plan to write a lot on the computer, just in a little notebook. I'll post a picture here every day (maybe).

And hopefully December will take on a whole new meaning. I'll still have all the deadlines and assignments, I'll still have all the Christmas gifts to make or buy and mail, I'll still have the Christmas cards to worry about, but hopefully, by looking for miracles, I'll be able to balance things just a little bit better.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Home Again Finnegan. Ever heard that?

Home again Finnegan. It was in a cartoon I saw in a Family Science college class. I have not a clue what it means. I just say it. :) But I do know what Home Again from Cocoa Daisy means!

I wasn't sure about this month's Cocoa Daisy kit (are you sensing a theme?), but once I started cutting things up, I fell deeeeeeeep in love with Home Again. The kit will go on sale TUESDAY, the 26th of November. We moved Reveal up a few days so as to not conflict with the US Thanksgiving holiday. So be sure to join us on the message boards on Tuesday night.

It's the chartreuse paper that Stephanie designed, along with the Maya Road chipboard alphas, and the huge chevron paper from Lilybee (that totally freaked me out at first, but when I started cutting it up, I changed my mind). And how could you not love the little tiny wood bits? I haven't used the houses yet, but have an idea. Hopefully I can whip it up before I leave for our Thanksgiving break.

Anyway, you are going to LOVE Home Again. The colors are sooooo perfect together. Chartreuse may not be your favorite color, but pair it with red and turquoise and it takes on a whole new feel. I have a chartreuse coat I got last Christmas, I think it's the new IN color :)

I admit, I poo poo'd the potty people, it's a trend I was ready to say goodbye to. Then [b]this[/b] happened and it was PERFECT to have this cute flair from Evalicious to scrap with. I LOVE this layout.

And this is about my boy and how he's not little anymore. Or maybe about his hair. I haven't journaled on it yet and it could go either way... You'll have to wait and see I guess :) All next week, some of the DT will be posting to the blog what they did with their Maya Road chipboard alphabets. This is one of the techniques I'l share.

And my final one, about my new couch. How could I not with that flair?

I've been texting Christine the past two days admitting that I was so wrong, professing my love for this kit. It's seriously awesomeness in a box. And I didn't even get an add on this month, I knew I wouldn't have time to scrap, so the less options, the better for me. But wow, if you get all the add ons as well, you're going to be even happier than I am right now.

I don't know how that's possible really.

Yes, it's the kit, but also we get to see Annie soon! We are SOOOOOO excited. And happy. :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stargazing with Cocoa Daisy

Christine says I'm giving her a complex. I say I don't really love a kit when I start seeing the basics of it, she'll send me photos as she's putting things together, I'll say I like it, but don't love it. Then I get the kit and end up loving it. This month was that way. I saw lots of soft pinks and turquoises, which I like, but not for a November kit. I was so so.

She met me and my family Starbucks when she was flying into town to spend time with her sweetie. I got a vanilla frappuccino and we did the introductions and visited. She passed me the kits, we hugged, and said goodbyes.

Then I opened the kit.

So much gold, mustard, and navy blue, I could barely contain myself. I had seen all the wrong colors. I love gold, mustard, and navy blue. :) I love Stargazing, full of more exclusives than ever before seen in a Cocoa Daisy kit: a stencil, our letterpress card, stamps, papers, wood veneer, and flair. All designed with this kit in mind. It was so much fun to create with this kit. You should get your own.

I scrapped old pictures in the first layout :) That makes me happy. I scrapped a success in the second, it made me laugh when Ethan said that he had mastered the bowtie. And the last one, I know I'm front and center, but it's the sweet little photobomb by Annie that the page is really about. I'm so proud of her, but boy do we miss her!

Anyway, loved this kit. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

babbling about why i love these Jillibean Soup layouts

I've been on the Jillibean Soup team for a year now, but have been really bad about sharing my work here. I'm going to try harder to do that in the future.

I will be honest. I love scrapping for a kit club because I usually struggle with manufacturer lines that all match. Kit club designing means I can play with a wide variety of products from lots of different manufacturers. It's easy for me. Designing for manufacturers has been a different story. I have been on manufacturer DTs and enjoyed them a lot, but it's not been the easiest thing for me to design for my assignments because, well, the lines match. But I have loved Jillibean Soup! Jill likes the same bright colors I do and she makes lots of great embellishments. When I guest designed for them a year ago, it was so easy! I can say that same thing happens every month (almost).

Here are some of my favorite projects I've done for Jillibean Soup in the last year:

This one because it just fell together and that Sherry Vinegar green chevron paper is a favorite paper. I love the big yellow bow very much.

This one because my little flag with the twine fringe is very clever and I love the glitter confetti.

This one because I thought the title was clever. I love the mix and match of products and how I tied it all up together with a good length of twine, then tucked a journaling tag behind it all.

This one because of the gold embossing and the die cut pine needles. Also love that I was able to use a Bite Size Bit on a page, that's something I struggle with, but it worked here.

This one because it was a challenge to use as many different Jillibean products as we could. I think I got 54 things on one page. I was rather impressed with myself. Notice the word happy is spray painted gold? I think I love gold.

This one because she's so cute and I love the leaves and how the purple in her shirt is balanced by the pink striped paper behind the photo and the navy/purple die cut. And the title, I love that font and thought the "as played by Pitts" was funny. The flashcard worked so very well with the topic too.

This one because I'd cut the die cut out for a different layout and it just didn't work, but then it totally did with this design. I made this in under an hour. It just worked.

I just made this card for my October assignments. I love it because I finally figured out how to make the leaves look 3D :) And I adore that blue paper.

And this, another of my October assignments, I love because of the die cut diamonds that are really scraps from cutting the circles on the side. Don't you love great afterthoughts? And I love the "Loving this!" die cut because it adds the same movement to the design as my kids strutting side to side. I'd printed these photos years ago for another layout but it never happened.

For some reason, that happens a lot, I can pull out old photos and make them into happy layouts with Jillibean Soup. I think it's the colors, they make everything happy.

So there you have it. I'll try to blog more about things other than Cocoa Daisy. :) But no more Jillibean until next month because my other October projects won't show up until the end of the month. One is a Halloween card, hee hee. Try that with non Halloween lines. Yay me!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting cozy with Cocoa Daisy's Sweater Weather

I kind of took last week off from most computer stuff. I had the huge task in front of me of putting the finishing touches on the basement bathroom we were building. Kelly had done all of the dirty work, the parts you don't see like using the concrete saw to move the shower drain plumbing. You know, the fun stuff. I'll give a full report with pictures soon.

Not doing computer stuff meant I didn't get my Cocoa Daisy work blogged about. But I am rectifying that today! I LOVED Sweater Weather. I think it may be my favorite kit to date! The perfect combination of color/texture/products made every design I worked on fun.

First was Personalities: Matched

Like I said in my sneaks, this was my old style–the Simple Scrapbooking days–married to my new cluster style. Quite blocky, but with little groupings and lots of overlapping. I journaled on the tag and stapled it to the top of the page, it's tucked behind a popped photo of Ethan, I love how it worked out. I wrapped some twine to look like a lasso and then softened it up with the resin flower from Fancy Pants. The patterned paper is a new thing from Cocoa Daisy. Stephanie Wheeler is now designing paper for us! I love how this paper turned out! I thought the "What's Happening" sticker from My Mind's Eye was pretty funny for my horse. Here's what the journaling says:
When we rode the ponies up to the zip lines, they said our pony would match our personality. Annie's was fast and focused. Mine was bringing up the rear. Kelly and Ethan's ponies varied greatly. So while not spot on, they did get a couple of us matched perfectly. Mexico, June 2013.

Next we have Best Day Ever.

I loved the Fancy Pants wood veneer, it's HUGE. I had to be a title, but finding a photo where the sentiment was appropriate was a bit harder. I mean how many days are the best ones ever? I had to go back a year on my phone, but think I nailed it with this one. Much to our kids' disgust, they haven't had the latest and greatest in technologies, and yes, Annie probably missed out most because she was a senior when we finally got her a phone, and Ethan will have one the entire 4 years of high school, I'm sure she'll be OK in the end. This is about the day I ordered their phones. I had to use the Twin Set add on for this and love how I managed to use most of that in such tiny proportions. Again, I'm hearkening back to my more Simple Scrapbooking days.

And finally, the hardest one to design because the photo had a big street light shadow in it, but I'm ever so grateful to Hayley for taking this photo because we didn't get one of Annie when we were dropping her off at school (she's doing quite well by the way).

I love how this ended up, it's not a color scheme I normally use, but it works! I used some Maya Mist and water to create an ombre effect on the letterpress card. Man, do I love that Cocoa Daisy includes letterpress in every kit, it's such a unique element for the kit! I used the left over diamonds from the die cut background to add some more dimension. I'll be doing that more :) Loving the Fancy Pants resin flowers too. And perhaps you can tell I loved the mini tags in the Twin Set add on? I used them on every page. It's the perfect touch.

So there you have my October layouts for Cocoa Daisy!

And as soon as I can take pictures, I'll post about the work I did in the bathroom! It looks so lovely now. We are housing the missionaries until the end of the year, they moved in on Saturday night so we barely got done! But it's done! :)